Song of Songs 2:8-17

The voice of my beloved, behold He comes, He challenges me in the comfort zone of my life, leaping on hill, and skipping upon mountains. Oh, sovereign God, Lord of the nation, You effortlessly leadp and skip upon the hills and mountains of this world. Who can oppose you? What mountain is an obstacle to you? You are truly the LORD of the nations. You easily skip and leap upon the obstacles that are so great before us. Behold you stand, looking upon my soul, gazing upon my heart. You speak. In my fears, you call me, "Arise my beloved. Come away, leave the comfort zone behind. Come with me upon the hills and mountains. Leap with me. Skip with me"

But Jesus, my heart is afraid, I become so familiar with the surroundings. I am so accustomed to the way  I've walked these days. Yet You challenge me to come forth, you challenge me to be partnership with Yourself. The mountains scare me. The hills are so great. Soverign God, i fear to arise. Yet You called me Your dove. You tell me in the clefts of rock to hide in the finish work of the cross. Thanks you, the clefts in your side, oh the rock of God, makes me secure before you. You long to hear my voice. You long to see my face. Why am I lovely? Why is my voice sweet to you? Lord I come before you and I cry for help. For the fears, the little foxes are spliling my vine. The compormises that stand between me and you. Oh, You stand on the hill with such joy, with such gladness, you beckon me to come to you. Catch the foxes. Catch the crafty little areas, the small compromises that spoil my heart, Spoil my vine before you. You said that my voice is sweet. You said my face is lovely, even in my struggle before you? I am still your dove? How can this be? How can the voice of fear is sweet? How can the face of shame be lovely? How can one that struggles to stay in the comfor zone be a dove before you?

Again who is like you oh God? Mystery of mystery, you see that non other seen. I ask You to catch the foxes, help me capture the areas that spoil my vineyard that ruin my heart, and keep me earthbound in my fears. Cause me to know the gladness of walking with you on the mountain. Cause me to delight in walking on the wings of the winds in the Spirit. Free me from my fears, free me from my little foxes that spoil my vines. Cause the shadows to clear away. Cause the shadows of compromise to flee, for Your are my beloved. And I am yours and you feed me. And you bring me forth. Thank you for your patience with me. You beckkon me to come, and yet I ask you to turn in this season , and be patience with my fear.


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