Song of Songs 1:5-17

I am dark but I am lovely to you. I know my sin is ever before me, but You see the cry of my heart to be yours Oh God. I wrestle with my immaturity, yet You declare Your pleasure over me. Who alone loves like you love, I am dark in my fallenness and my struggles, but I am lovely crowned the unmatchable gift of righteousness. The impartation of willing spirit to cry unto You. Oh, You find such loveliness, how lovely are you dwelling places oh God.

You are lovely bridegroom. Tell me, oh You whom I love, where will You feed me? Where will you make my soul rest? But the anguish sons have pulled me from you. But my soul longs to return. Oh, that I would give to be fed by my God. In these carly beginning I am so easily stumble, I am so easily distractive. 

Oh, love of my life, I do not know, but You have called me oh fairest among all the women of the earth, most beautiful amongst the people of the nations. You have called me to follow the footstep of the devout through history. You compare me to the strongest of the horses of pharaoh's court. For you see strength in my heart, I see only my struggles. My heart and my emotion are lovely before you even in the mist of my struggles. You will make me a trophy of gold and silver. Your commitment to me beautifies my llife, You adorn me with such hope and such splendor, for yes I am dark in the eyes of man, but I am lovely before You. Bless be the God that loves those that reach to him in their struggles. Bless be the God that crowns His bride with beauty; when sons of church write her off with a scorn.


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