Song of Songs 1:1-4

Lord we come before you, the glorious name of Christ Jesus. We thank you Christ Jesus, you open your holy heart, and gave us the song that reveal the beauty that enthrall your heart, the beauty of the bride that only you can see that non on the earth can understand. 

Oh, we sing Your song of love. Let your Son, let Him kiss me with the kisses of His mouth. Oh, we long for the most intimate kisses from the heart of God. Father, all the things we can cry for. Let Him kiss me, Let me know the deep things of His heart, Let me know that most intimate things He will give to the human heart of God. 

They asked me why, why will I choice Your kisses above all things, I said Your love is better than the wine of this world. The fragrance of Your oil, the beauty of Your name oh God, the oils of God. All heaven smells the good fragrance of Your oil, these are the things that enthrall me. This great mystery of Your name make known to me, the oils of God purs forth. Therefore the virtues, Oh they love you. They drank the wine of your love, and they love you. Lord I stand among the people that love you. Because the oil of Your name has been made known to us. The spirit of revelation has pured forth the fragrance of Your personhood to our spirit. Oh, we will run after you. Oh, I lift up this bridal life vision; draw me after you who will run with you. Draw me to extravagant worship. But oh God let me run together with You in anointed ministry. For you oh, king, you have brought me to your chambers. The hour of temptation I will remember your love more than the wine of this fallen world. The time ot despaired, we will remember your love, we will be glad, we will rejoice in You when all seems to fall around us. For rightly do we love you oh God., wisely do we exalt in your love, oh, kiss me with the kisses of your mouth. 

Bless be the God that make known the song of the bridegroom to His church.


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